Coloured Wooden Jigsaw Names

From €7.50 to €17.50

These made to order Wooden Jigsaw Names are the ideal gift for all occasions and for all ages. Fada’s, Shamrocks and Love Hearts can be added to these names. The Colored Wooden Jigsaw Names have been bought for Christenings, Birthdays, instead of an Easter egg at Easter time and of course for Christmas.

The Colored Jigsaw names are 2cm thick and painted in bright primary colors of red, yellow, green and blue.

Cost: Colored wooden jigsaw names cost 2.50euro per letter

Shipping Cost: 3.50 euro per name (average name 6 letters) IRELAND

Delivery time: 5-10 days (depending on quantity of order) IRELAND

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Make sure number of letters box is completed and match name required.
For Example: JAMES – 5 letters or ANNE – 4 letters